RFID - The Future of Player Tracking

Radio Frequency Identification IS the future of player tracking. With the rampant hacking of mag stripe cards - banks, credit card companies, and retail giants have already begun to switch to RFID cards. Cell phones have also proven easy to hack, making RFID the obvious solution for the gaming industry. XS Technology is proudly leading the way with its state of the art RFID readers.
Introducing our new line of RFID readers ranging from the XS RFID Light, which simply ID’s players, to the intermediate XS RFID Plus, to our RFID Ultra, XS Cash™, our combination mag stripe/RFID reader which offers the ultimate in security and eliminates the need for tickets altogether. It allows casinos to gradually phase out mag stripe cards as more and more players are drawn to using RFID.
With over 350,000 readers in the field, we know player tracking like no one else, and see RFID as its inevitable future. That’s why we’re developing ways to upgrade all of our current mag stripe readers so they can accommodate RFID. At XS Technology we’re not waiting for the future, we’re committed to creating it.

NEW! XS RFID Ultra = "XS Cash™"

XS RFID ULTRA XS Technology introduces XS Cash™, our state of the art combination mag stripe/ RFID card reader. It tracks player activity electronically with total security and eliminates the need for tickets. The RFID chip in the card stores cash value and functions like an electronic ticket. It’s encrypted with multiple layers of protection and nearly impossible to hack. Players put cash value on their card to start playing and cash out when they’re finished. No more time wasted time handling tickets or cash. The RFID chip provides complete player security if the card is lost. XS Cash™ is designed to fit perfectly in existing slot machines without any modifications. And XS Cash™ has already been evaluated by GLI.

  • Replaces ticket-in and ticket-out.
  • Eliminates need for ticket printers or bill acceptors.
  • Eliminates ticket and printer maintenance costs.
  • Increases security as the RFID cards can provide an electronic trail of all player activity.
  • Functions even if the backroom goes down so players are never out of the action.
  • Total security if a player's card is lost. Can't be redeemed by "the first one to the window" the way tickets can.
  • Unlimited cash value can be stored on the card so more time is spent at the machines - perfect for high rollers!
  • The RFID card stores cash, bonus points, and rewards, unlike tickets which record only cash value.
  • RFID Cash cards cannot be copied like mag stripe cards.
  • Allows for the Ultimate VIP Player Card.
  • No need to ever open machines to remove cash.
  • Multiple layer cash value security.
  • Allows casinos to phase out paper tickets gradually.
  • Works like current readers until cashless function is turned on.
  • Allows players to either use tickets or store value on RFID cards.
  • Stolen hardware protection.
  • Unaffected by harshest gaming environments.
  • No wearing parts in cashless Reader/Writer, reader life increased.
  • Cards keyed to specific properties.
  • Encryption secrets locked in a secure tamper-proof chip.
  • Built-in high quality random number generator insures maximum security.
  • Players will experience unlimited freedom and casino access - they'll be able to use their player card to gamble, for shows, in restaurants, or stores anywhere in the casino!
  • They will experience what it feels like to be a high roller.
  • The cards can be programmed to be used at sister casinos so that the player can gamble freely at multiple locations.
  • The embedded memory chip frees up the mag stripe so that the card can also be used as a room key, making it the ultimate Resort Card.
  • The player can earn bonuses every time they use the card anywhere in the hotel or casino bringing them right back to the machines

  • Players will treat their player card like a credit card and hang onto them, reducing the huge number of cards that casinos order yearly.
  • The XS Cash™ reader fits perfectly into existing slot machines without additional wiring or modifications.
  • It allows for an unlimited number of features, bonuses, and rewards that casinos can use to bring players back again and again!


XS RFID PLUS The XS RFID Plus is our intermediate combo RFID reader. In addition to reading player’s ID from the dual track magnetic stripe or from the embedded RFID chip, it offers additional security and protection not found in mag stripe only readers. Below is a summary of just some of its advantages over current mag stripe readers.

  • Accepts both magnetic stripe and RFID cards.
  • Reads legacy mag-stripe player cards and supports the existing mag reader command set.
  • Provides increased security along with the ability to write to the embedded RFID chip.
  • Secure password links the card to the player.
  • Authentication of card prevents unauthorized access to security information.
  • Audit trails can be added so the player’s activity can be accurately tracked.
  • Player stats can be saved on the card, including slot player interface preferences.
  • Connects just like current mag reader, with the same form, fit and using the existing cables.
  • Minimal system software modification to take advantage of new security features.
  • Improved read ability. Works even if card is inserted backwards or upside down.
  • RFID card data can’t be damaged by magnetic fields.
  • RFID card data can’t be copied or erased.
  • Frees up mag stripe to be used for door key.


XS RFID LIGHT The XS RFID Light is our entry level reader into the world of RFID. It is our low cost and most basic combo RFID reader. It reads the player’s ID from the dual track magnetic stripe or from the embedded RFID chip and the choice is yours. The are even more benefits to adopting RFID into your casino. Below is a summary of some of its advantages over current mag stripe readers.

  • Works like current reader.
  • Accepts both magnetic stripe and RFID cards.
  • No system modification. Just plug and play.
  • Supports the existing mag reader interface and command set.
  • Improved readability. Works even if the card is inserted backwards or upside down.
  • Connects just like current reader, with the same form, fit and using the existing cables.
  • RFID card data can’t be damaged by magnetic fields.
  • RFID card data can’t be copied or erased.
  • Frees up mag stripe to be used for door key.
  • RFID reader function life is dramatically increased over the magnetic stripe, with no wearing parts.

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