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XS Max™ The Most Advanced Card Reader Ever Developed!

  • Bluetooth... Turns every cell phone into a player card!

  • Barcode... Players can redeem promotions at the slot!

  • RFID... Reads first time, every time! No more misreads! No more interrupted play!

  • Mag Stripe... Reads all mag-stripe cards!
Boost player loyalty to the MAX! The Next Generation of player tracking is here!

XS MAX™ is the most advanced and versatile player card reader ever developed. It comes with Barcode and Bluetooth capability as well as reading a player’s ID from the dual track magnetic stripe or from an embedded RFID chip. It turns every cell phone into a player card! This allows casinos to communicate with customers in real time. The built in barcode scanner identifies the player while the Bluetooth enables the slot machine to communicate with their cell phone to know when the player starts and stops playing. In addition to utilizing the universal use of cell phones it opens up a new world of being able to market to players in real time with bonus plays, player preferences, and unlimited casino offers that will boost player loyalty to the MAX! This is all done while still retaining the capacity to accept mag stripe and RFID. Below is a summary of just some of its advantages.

  • Turns every cell phone into a player card.

  • Allows casinos to communicate with players in real time.

  • Players can scan bonus coupons at the machine.

  • Casinos can market unlimited offers to players while they play.

  • Barcode and Bluetooth allow slot machines to securely track and ID players.

  • Still accepts both magnetic stripe and RFID cards.

  • Reads legacy mag-stripe player cards and supports the existing mag reader command set.

  • Provides increased security along with the ability to write to the embedded RFID chip.

  • Secure password links the card to the player.

  • Authentication of card prevents unauthorized access to security information.

  • Audit trails can be added so the player’s activity can be accurately tracked.

  • Player stats can be saved on the card, including slot player interface preferences.

  • Connects just like current mag reader, with the same form, fit and using the existing cables.

  • Minimal system software modification to take advantage of new security features.

  • Improved read ability. Works even if card is inserted backwards or upside down.

  • RFID card data can’t be damaged by magnetic fields.

  • RFID card data can’t be copied or erased.

  • Frees up mag stripe to be used for door key.

  • RFID reader function life is dramatically increased over the magnetic stripe, with no wearing parts.

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