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XS Technology is the most trusted name in player tracking card leaders. An industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom and standard card readers, we're the first choice of many of the world's largest gaming manufacturers. Our readers are in more than 350,000 slot machines in the world's finest casinos. From Las Vegas to Macau, our unmatched security, reliability, and ease of integration makes us a favorite of system developers and engineers. You can choose from our wide variety of standard readers or have XS create custom designs just for you. As the only manufacturer of magnetic stripe readers that specializes in gaming, no one understands your business better. Our readers are built "casino tough", to perform year round under all conditions. With our state of the art technology and incomparable customer service, you'll see why more and more casinos and gaming manufacturers are going to XS!

NEW! XS Cash™

XS Technology presents XS Cash TM, the ultimate in cashless and ticketless gaming. Players will be able track their activity electronically with total security. Our state of the art player tracking card reader enables them to use their player cards like electronic tickets, making old fashioned paper tickets obsolete. Casinos will save big as they eliminate the cost of tickets, ticket dispensers and their 24/7 maintenance. Players will experience an exciting new world of gaming that will have them playing longer and staying longer. XS Cash TM has already been evaluated by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), the world leader in gaming testing. With the whole world going paperless, it’s the time for casinos get on board and cash in big… with XS Cash TM. Learn More...

Standard and Custom Products

Full or Partial Stripe readers, available in USB, RS-232, TTL/ASCII, or Bit and Strobe interfaces, some models available with clear module and illumination. To learn more, please visit our products page. We design and build the card reader to fit your exact specifications. Contact Us with the details of your specific application and we'll provide you with a quote to accomplish your goals.

Technical Support

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Technical specifications are available on each and every one of our products. We have the white sheets with full specifications in easy-to-read PDF format ready for immediate download, along with demo programs and drivers. Also available are detail dimensioning PDFs for bezels and mountings.

Visit our Tech Support page or contact us directly.

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