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The Future of Slot Machine Gaming is Here... With XS Cash™

XS Technology presents XS Cash™, our state of the art combination magnetic-stripe/RFID-chip card reader and the ultimate in cashless and ticketless gaming. Players will be able track their activity electronically with total security. Our state of the art player tracking card reader enables them to use their player card like an electronic ticket, making paper tickets obsolete. Casinos will save big as they eliminate the cost of tickets, ticket dispensers and their 24/7 maintenance. Players will experience greater freedom, an exciting new world of gaming that will have them play longer and more often. XS Cash™ has already been evaluated by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), the world leader in gaming testing. With the whole world going paperless, it's the time for casinos get on board and cash in big... with XS Cash™.

Why XS Cash™ is Destined to Become the Industry Standard

  • There's total security if a player's card is lost. It can't be redeemed by "the first one to the window" the way tickets can.

  • It can function even if the backroom goes down so that players are never out of the action.

  • Unlike paper tickets, it can leave a secure electronic trail of the machines the player has used.

  • High cash values can be securely stored on the card freeing up wagering, so that more time is spent at the machines.

  • The card stores multiple values such as cash, bonus points, and rewards, unlike paper tickets which record only cash value.

  • Players will experience unlimited freedom and casino access. They will be able to use their player card to gamble, see shows, in clubs, restaurants, or stores anywhere in the casino.

  • They will experience what it feels like to be a high roller and play longer.

  • The cards can be programmed to be used at sister casinos so that the player can gamble freely at multiple locations.

  • The embedded memory chip frees up the mag stripe so that the card can also be used as a room key, making it the ultimate Resort Card.

  • The player can earn bonuses every time they use the card anywhere in the hotel or casino bringing them right back to the machines!

  • Players will treat their player card like a credit card and hang onto them, reducing the huge number of cards that casinos order yearly.

  • The XS Cash™ reader fits perfectly into existing slot machines without additional wiring or modifications!

  • It allows for an unlimited number of features, bonuses, and rewards that casinos can use to encourage players to return again and again!

  • It will continue to accept traditional mag stripe player cards and issue tickets, so that the transition to ticketless gaming is smooth and seamless!

The Ultimate VIP Player Card

XS Cash™ opens the door to the ultimate player card. Casinos can create their own special VIP Card which will make every player feel like a high roller. Because it stores cash value, in addition to tracking player winnings, it can be used like a credit or debit card anywhere in the hotel or casino. Players can use it to see shows, in restaurants, clubs, to go shopping as well as gambling. It can even be used as a room key, making it the ultimate Resort Card! It will change the whole experience of gaming instantly, making every player feel like a VIP. They will play more, and play longer with a freedom and ease they've never had before. The bonuses they earn by using the card anywhere in the hotel and casino will bring them back to the action again and again. The ultimate VIP player card is here today, from XS Cash™.

Get all the specifications from our PDF Spec Sheet here.

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